Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally, winter is over...

We are looking forward to Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the biggest children’s book fair worldwide.

We will present „I LOVE YOU“ there, the adventurous story of two hearts that search and find each other.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very old and consistently new: the exciting story of two loves searching for happiness...

The exceptionally illustrated adventure “I LOVE YOU” already originated about 13 years ago.

A good friend, who Rolf Vogt has known since his youth – back then not as well known and world-famous as today – didn’t have the money to pay his rent.

What do you do in such a situation, especially when you’ve just fallen in love – with a woman who has the skill to write?
No question, you write a book together! And money will follow. Additionally if it is a story people all over the world are really interested in.

Unfortunately the publishing of the story took a little longer… Good stuff needs enough time, however...
And the problem with the rent was obviously solved differently then.

M. Lamb, “I LOVE YOU” 2009
Illustrations by Rolf ARVI Vogt 2009
Hardcover with book-jacket, 44 pages, 16,3 x 16,6 cm
Original edition with English text – date of publication: March 2009
ISBN 978-3-941345-02-7

There is nothing wrong with a little enlightenment from time to time
(ARVI, the third rabbit, on the meadow behind the mill in Uehlfeld in fall 2008)
Photo: Paul Kappler

Having a halo is nice :-)
(Kathi Kappler and Johann Rüttinger, in front of an exhibition poster in Bamberg in 2007)
Foto: Paul Kappler

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gertrude Randolph died aged 84 on 9 December 2008

Above: … with Alex and Palombella en-route in the canals of Venice

Below: … Gertrude drew the pictures on the walls behind Alex in Mexico in 1958

Saturday, November 08, 2008


The "new book by Alex" is a present. A legacy. A bliss.
Most people who know Alex Randolph as game designer, might not be aware of the fact that he actually was a poet and author.

At least until a mad, politically motivated fire-raiser threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of his studio in Venice in the 60ies and almost all his poems, scripts, documents and collected ideas were burned and destroyed irrecoverably. The fire didn’t harm him as he was on a trip abroad at that time.
The tragedy of it is that the mad firebug did not want to go for him at all. He only took the wrong window, the assault was intended on his neighbour next door.
Fortunately, the original script of “A portrait of Nellie” was not kept in the studio at that time and therefore survived the fire. We received it for publishing from his widow in 2007. Thanks, Gertrude!

After the awful fire disaster Alex concentrated almost exclusively on designing games. Every now and then, however, also on creating special creatures and characters, like OHNIS or PHOMPHEN…


… Now we have transformed into Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne GbR (Yes, you haven’t misread, rabbits have civic rights from now on)

...And here are the Drei Hasen:
Kathi Kappler, author, designer and editor

Rolf Vogt, illustrator, graphic designer and author
Johann Rüttinger, graphic designer, illustrator and product developer

All three of them come from the artwork, book, and games world.

Kathi Kappler and Johann Rüttinger sold their publishing company DMS – which was founded in 1994 – to Schmidt Spiele in Berlin on 1 July 2008. It was no „hostile take-over“ but a „friendly handover“ caused by impairment to health that made KK and JR take this step.

„It was a tough decision as the company was our „common baby“. We wanted to prove from the very beginning that it is possible – even for a small company – to successfully launch good games for children and adults on the hard-fought market. From day one we have not only considered the German speaking market but the whole wide world. These were 15 thrilling, exciting years – never-ending ups and downs – but the success proved us right. But if one of the two partners is absent for long periods again and again it just gets too difficult for the other one.” This is what both of them say – the two are also marriage partners in real life and live in a mill by the river Aisch between Nurenberg and Wuerzburg. “It really was not easy to let go our “child” but it was good and the right to do. Now we can establish something new – without ruffle or excitement!”

The third rabbit Rolf Vogt, “ARVI”, is a very old friend of DM. Most of the titles and artworks of the games come from his hand respectively from his mind. He will continue to do the artwork for DMS under Schmidt Spiele but at the same time publish, illustrate and design books as partner of K.K. and J.R.

As there are already so many books we want everything we do in the future to be a little bit different and special. There always has to be a story behind the story. We don’t have a “round table” where marketing specialists identify and fill market niches. We know this world just too well having earned our money as so-called commercial graphics designers in the advertising industry. So we could see how things work, what is so awfully important and what matters apparently.


The elephant and the flea

Text: edited by E. Oehler

Drawing: ARVI


Our little booth at the Bookfair in Frankfurt was exactly 4 square meters in size. One for each rabbit and the fourth one for prospects from all over the world. And things went better than expected: out of one hundred visitors who passed our rabbit hutch, 5 discovered us. 2 % more than we hoped for.

They recognized us, stopped by, looked into the evening sun, sniffed at our two books, smiled and some even engaged in a conversation.

Claudia Gabriel from 85296 Rohrbach was the very first one who looked at “Nellie” and immediately ordered 5 pieces for her first-class bookstore.

A young female illustrator with a Japanese last name was enthusiastic about ARs “modern” artwork – and she wasn’t the only one. We had to explain to many people, who were astonished that we had only two books for our first fair presentation, that we just transformed from DM to DH and that we plan to do beautiful and good books from now on. And the three of us, we were astonished about the great number of young talented people who showed us their scripts, diploma theses and illustrations. Who knows how things will develop... it was really nice in Frankfurt.